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Criminal Law

In criminal law cases the burden of proof may lie with the prosecution, but remember, they have the resources of a city, a state or more at their disposal. That is why it is critical that those facing criminal charges select savvy, aggressive criminal law defense attorneys.

Criminal law is the body of rules and statutes defining and regulating the offenses against the community at large. It regulates how suspects are investigated, charged and tried. The law also provides the punishments for convicted offenders. Our practice areas include battery, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, minor drug offenses, traffic violations, including operating after revocation and suspension, and other misdemeanors. Most importantly, we have a very strong practice in drunk driving – OWI/DWI – defense.

With nearly 30 years of experience, including DUI, DWI, OUI, traffic law, and criminal misdemeanors, Fuhrman & Dodge S.C., is the right law firm you can trust with your future.

Practicing in this area: Dale Gregory

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